Introduction to Facebook Ads And Facebook Capaign Types

Facebook Ads is a great tool that allows us to get sales quickly and very easily. Facebook, the social media platform, can get us consistent sales every day.

There are a lot of different ways to use Facebook Ads to achieve different types of objectives, be it leads or website sales.

Facebook Ads can be very complex if you are new to it, but in this post, I am going in depth to teach you how to use it so that you can use it to market on Facebook in a profitable way and create a consistent source of income.

Terms and Abbreviations Glossary

It is important that when dealing with Facebook Ads you understand the terms people use in group discussions and even on YouTube so that you can understand what they are talking about and even engage in conversations. This is not the complete list, but we will keep updating it.

VC – View Content

ATC – Add To Cart

IC – Initiate Checkout

API – Add Payment Info

CA – Custom Audience

LLA – Look Alike Audience

WC – Website Conversion

PPE – Page Post Engagement

AC – Ad Copy

Creative – Ad Creative

DPA – Dynamic Product Ad

RM – Re-Marketing

PPU – Post Purchase Upsell

AOV – Average Order Value

CR – Conversion Rate

CBO – Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook Campaign Types

When you open your Facebook Ads Manager and create a campaign, we tell Facebook the marketing objectives that we want, otherwise Facebook will be unable to help us achieve the marketing goals we desire.

So let’s us go through some of the campaign objectives and what they do

Reach & Brand Awareness – This is increasing the awareness of your brand by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in what you are doing.

Reach is the maximum number of people your Ad can be delivered to. The objective here is to reach as many people as possible who may be interested in your product.

Traffic – The objective is to to send visitors to a destination on/off Facebook, a website, app install page, etc.

Engagement – The objective is to get post engagements, likes , offer claims  etc

App Installs – This is for getting more installs for your app

Video Views – The objective here is to get more people to watch your video content.

Lead Generation – The objective here is to get more sales leads, such as email addresses from people interested in your business.

Messages – The objective is to get people to send messages to your business via Messanger or WhatsApp

Conversations – This is for driving valuable actions on your website such as purchase etc

Catalogue Sales –The objective is to drive catalogue sales by creating ads that automatically show items from your store catalogue based on your target audience.