The corona virus continues to spread and the demand for online shopping is now higher than ever. The epidemic is changing how individuals shop. Consumers have been urged to stay inside and some have opted for online shopping to fulfill some basic needs. As an online shop owner, it is important to know how to streamline your website to offer the most demanded products and maximize revenue. Here are some of the most popular products to sell on your online shop. 

According to consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow, people are currently purchasing to meet the following needs: protect, entertain, and connect


Among the most important product categories are items which consumers need in order to prepare for the virus. Health and personal care products are in high demand. Health is perhaps the top concern for people around the world and many are looking for ways to safeguard against the recent threat. Here are some health and personal care products you should consider for your dropshipping business.

  • Air Purifiers

Designed to filter the air of harmful allergens and other impurities, air purifiers are a hot item during the outbreak of the coronavirus. We have all been spending more time confined at home for work or studying and the air can become polluted. 

  • Thermometers

Along with respiratory problems, a fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19. According to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, a person should call their GP when their temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsus. Therefore, it is important to have a thermometer available at home to monitor your temperature. 

  • Clippers

Clippers and other hair grooming products are in high demand as hairdressers and barbers will remain closed until April 28th in the Netherlands. Nationwide closures have forced people to resort to cutting and dyeing their own hair. 


Governments around the world have called for nationwide quarantines. No longer are people able to go to the movies, play mini golf or participate in other recreational social activities. People have resorted to other forms of entertainment to keep busy during these trying times. Here are some entertainment products to offer on your online store. 

  • Board Games/Puzzles

A popular alternative for most people has been boardgames. In fact, board games have become so popular that Hasbro’s share has experienced an increase in price due to the high demand for toys during the epidemic. Take advantage of the hype and start offering puzzles and other board games on your online shop.

  • Video Games

Video games are another great alternative to keep you entertained and connected with your friends. There are a lot of possibilities for online stores to offer power adapters, HDMI cables, headsets, gaming keyboards, and other gaming accessories. 

  • Yoga Mats

Due to the closing of all sports clubs and gyms, exercise options are limited. Individual sports such as yoga, running, and cycling are great alternatives which allow individuals to get some exercise while practicing social distancing. Yoga mats and other exercise equipment can be a good addition to your online store or dropshipping business. In fact, yoga mats and resistance bands are rising up on Amazon’s Best Sellers.

  • Kitchen Equipment

Restaurants closed for dining have forced many of us to integrate cooking as part of our daily routine. Cooking requires having the right cooking equipment and that’s where an opportunity arises for dropshipping businesses. Cookware stores are currently closed due to government measures and shopping online for pots on and pans is the only choice for most consumers. Baking has become so popular that it has caused a shortage of flour and yeast


In this time of isolation, it is important to stay connected with those who matter. Luckily, we have a great deal of online mediums to communicate with friends and family. However, there are some products essential to work and study from home. Here are some suggestions of items you can offer on your online shop.

  • Webcam

Working and studying from home involves having video conferences. In order to conduct a successful meeting, it’s crucial to have the proper equipment. A webcam is the most important tool to do a presentation or conduct a lecture from home. 

  • Office Products

Most non-essential employees have been urged to work from home during the epidemic. Working from home requires some essential office supplies currently unavailable due to store closures.

This is only a few of the many more hot sellers during the coronavirus quarantine period. Any product which meets the needs outlined above are likely to perform very well on your online shop.