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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see the type of store I want to enter available in your catalog

Simply place your order through the “Custom Store Build | Choose Your Own Category” option on our site. Tell us the type of business you want to enter (niche) and let us take care of the rest!

What if I have my own inventory and want to start selling online?

You would place your order through the “Custom Store Build | Choose Your Own Category.” If you have your own physical inventory it is required that you have pictures available to provide to us. Once your order is confirmed we will email you with further instructions and get started creating your store.

How does Dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is simply a retail fulfillment business model where you list products on your store but do not physically hold any inventory. Once you receives an order through your store you will simply forward the shipping information for the order over to your supplier and purchase the product for a much lower price than what you have listed on your store. You keep all the profit in the end!

What comes with the standard store payment?

With the standard store option you will receive a beautifully built Shopify store with 10-15 products sourced from reliable suppliers. You can also receive great additional features with your order such as an on site currency converter plug-in, a custom domain name, and a custom logo for your store.

Is there a recurring fee?

We only charge a standard, one time payment of $125. Since we use the Shopify platform to build and host your store there is also a monthly fee of just $29 paid to Shopify.